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Confused about your Xbox 360 situation? Watch this video...

Something is up with your Xbox 360? What if there was a safe way you could get it working in under 2 hours? Would you get out of your chair and fix it right now? Well, first you need to see if…

This Your Situation…

You excitedly insert in your favorite Xbox 360 game and hit the power button. The menu screen comes up, you log onto Xbox Live and join your friends in an online match. And most important…

You are playing like a pro! Your score is amazing, and the game is reaching its final moments. You are just about win when…

PWND! Your Xbox 360 freezes! You drop from the game!

Frustrated, anxious, and scared you reboot your system hoping to join back in time. Only…it now boots to show red lights! It won’t turn on --- you’re screwed…or are you?

Microsoft Charges $110.00 For This…But Is There A Better Way?---YES!

Gutted, you call up Microsoft and ask them to help you, scared to learn that your warranty has expired and it will cost you $110 to have them fix your system! What a rip off!

Now you are starting to sweat, not only did you lose your game, but now its going to cost you $110 to fix your Xbox 360---unless there was a better way…


Microsoft Technicians Charge $110.00 To Fix An Xbox 360…But Can You Do It Without Their Help?---YUP!

This is no joke.

You are hopping mad right now, and rightly so. You paid over $300.00 to get your Xbox 360 and controllers, plus anywhere from $100.00 to $2,000.000 for more games. Plus an entertainment system (TV, speakers, internet, setup etc) that cost you an additional $200.00 to $2,500.00. You might have invested up to $4,800.00 in your gaming system (more or less) and now…

All of your gaming investments are for nothing…unless you can get your Xbox 360 working.

And every second you don’t get to play your Xbox 360 is 1 more second of agony instead of fun relaxation time.

If you ask Microsoft, they will tell you to send it in, wait up to 6 weeks, and one of their technicians will try and fix it (for a ‘nominal’ fee of $110.00). But get this:

It Is Possible, Probable, And Likely That You Can Fix Your Xbox 360 RIGHT NOW!


You are not a technician. You probably know absolutely NOTHING about how your Xbox 360 works. You can’t fix it…can you?---YES!

Before reading further check this list, you must answer yes for this solution to help you:

  • You have NO technical skills
  • You have not tried to fix your Xbox 360
  • You know NOTHING about electronics
  • You are just a regular gamer (or parent of a gamer)
  • You are willing to work for 1.5 hours to fix your Xbox 360 right now
  • (Optional) You are nervous about fixing your Xbox 360


If you answered yes to the above, you will be able to fix your Xbox 360 once you learn what’s going on…

What Do The Red Lights Mean?!

Microsoft goofed up. Period.

And you are paying the painful price. Just staring at those red lights should make you madder and madder…and here’s why:

Your Xbox 360’s motherboard was like a ticking time bomb and it EXPLODED with red lights…only it didn’t really explode…

What really happened is the GPU (graphics processing unit) came loose due to heat…which leads back to it being Microsoft’s Fault. Now pay attention,

Microsoft Was In A Rush To Beat The PS3 To The Marketplace So They Made A Major Mistake With The Design Of Your Xbox 360 --- And That’s Why Its Broken…

Speed up production of an Xbox 360 and what happens? Yup, mistakes…and that’s YOUR problem now…

Microsoft goofed up big time (but they are ok with charging you to fix their mistake).

Here’s the scoop:

In the design stages of the Xbox 360 Microsoft had a problem…

The DVD drive and the Cooling Unit would not fit. So to make room, the decided to shrink the cooling unit. BIG MISTAKE!

Microsoft Shrunk The Cooling Unit And Now Almost Every Xbox 360 Will Overheat And ‘Boot’ Only To Red Lights --- Unless You Fix The Mistake RIGHT NOW!

So there you have it.

The cooling unit has failed and now you need to adjust how it sits on the motherboard to fix your Xbox 360. It’s NOT hard, but it will take a DO-IT-NOW attitude. Because you should know something VERY IMPORTANT…

Your Red Lights Will NOT Go Away On Their Own---You Need To Fix It, And You Need To Fix It Now!

Sticking your head in the sand and waiting for your Xbox 360 to fix itself won’t work…But Get This:

You Can Do What It Takes A Microsoft Technician, In Just Under 1.5 Hours, And Fix Your Xbox 360 RIGHT NOW!

You read that correctly…

You see the problem with your Xbox 360 IS SIMPLE!

You know it’s the cooling unit, and the solution is adjusting how it sits on the motherboard. But you are probably asking…

“If It’s So Simple To Fix An Xbox 360, Why Does Microsoft Charge $110.00 To Have Their Technicians Fix It?”

Good question…but here is something that should make sense, and hopefully you agree…

Think like Microsoft for a minute…

If you were Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft) and someone called you on the phone asking for help with their Xbox 360 would you rather say:

  1. “Yes, not a problem, just send it to our service company, and we will take care of it” OR…
  2. “Well, we goofed up, we made the cooling unit too small and it didn’t work well in the position we put it in. So, we need you to open your Xbox 360, take out the motherboard, adjust the cooling unit, then put it back together”


Well…clearly response #1 is preferred! And since Bill Gates is one of the most ruthless businessmen on the planet (he was charged in 2000 for having a Monopoly and he lost) and he has NO QUALMS charging people for his mistake…


It’s EASY AND SIMPLE TO Fix Your Xbox 360 Right NOW!

Now you understand the problem, and you understand you just need to adjust the cooling unit on the Xbox 360 motherboard.

Get it done now.

You don’t need advanced tools.

This guide walks you through the repair of a 3 red light system (no matter what red light error, except 4 red lights, it’s the same repair method).

But WAIT! You deserve something for your troubles…

So check out this jaw dropping deal before you fix your Xbox 360:

As a bonus to using this guide to fix your system, you will also get a bonus Xbox 360 Achievement guide (only available with this repair guide) that shows you how to add 13,500 points to your gamer score FAST!

The Most Unfair Deal…Honest People ONLY PLEASE!

But to make this EVEN SAFER, you are covered by a better-than-money-back guarantee 100% full refund of every penny you spend on this guide for 60 days! You will know in 1.5 hours that this has worked, but you have 60 days to request a refund if you are not satisfied…and you will get to keep the guide AND THE BONUS GUIDE FREE!

Now obviously that’s a big risk for myself, and some people choose to be unethical…but for the most part people are honorable. I know when you fix your Xbox 360 you will be so happy with my guide that you not only will you not request a refund, but you will send me a testimonial to make other gamers feel even better about following in your footsteps.

So grab a copy of the guide RIGHT NOW, follow along as the video shows the WHOLE REPAIR step by step ‘live’ and you will be able to fix your Xbox 360 today!

Don’t wait! Fix it, and play your Xbox 360 again!


P.S. Be sure to grab the $74 worth of bonuses along with your copy of the video Xbox 360 repair guide!

P.P.S Send me your testimonial once you fix your Xbox 360!

Doubting Gamer Fixed Xbox 360!

Red Light Repair"I was not going to buy this guide. I thought it was total B.S. How was I going to fix MY xbox when I don't know anything about repairs? I bought this on a whim...AND IT WORKED! I can't believe it, I actually repaired my xbox myself! I did it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your guide helped me save my xbox, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I'm going to play it right now!"

- Alex Carry - Waterloo, Canada

Microsoft May Have Failed This Gamer, But This Guide Didn't!

"Thank you so much for this fix! My 360 started freezing up on me. At first it was during GTA4, but then it began doing it during the system start up. I started researching online about 360 freeze ups and stumbled across your site from a Youtube video. I had already sent my 360 in to Microsoft for the RROD and 6 months later the freezing started. This walkthrough is awesome and very easy to do. Once you get going and you have all your materials ready it really only takes about an hour with the steps. Now my 360 is CRANKING and I am confident that it will continue to do so. Thanks so much for the time and money you saved me!!"

- Matt Davis - Austin, TX USA

Brothers Get Xbox Working In Just Over 1 Hour

"I was so happy when I found your guide. My Xbox was only a week old when it got the ring of death! A WEEK! I was screaming mad, there was no way I was going to wait 6 weeks sending it in.

I grabbed your guide the instant I found it, and it worked like magic! I was playing again with my brother in just over an hour! Me and my brother thank you man! This guide rocks!"

- Neil Reinheart - Orlando, USA

Gamer Watches Video and Fixes Red Lights!

"Thank you so very much... This guy knows his stuff. I recently did the x clamp fix and I went from 3 lights to 2 lights. I did what he just said and it now works. Thanks!!!!!!"

- Arnold Swanson - Boston, USA

A Relieved Gamer Fixes His Xbox 360

"Just a thanks to you on a successful product. The instruction video was great and simple. Everything came out fine."

- Mark Hughes - Irvine, CA, USA

Another Happy Gamer With A Working Xbox 360

"Yea it worked. Thanks."

- Craig Bolton - Austin, USA

Proud Texan Girl Fixes Her Xbox 360

"This is sooo fantastic! I wanted my Xbox to work again so bad! I got your guide and it worked like a charm! I am so thrilled to play online again! Thanks for making this guide!"

- Amy Orson - Houston, USA

  • Never worry about repairs again, this repair is permanent.
  • This repair is so simple you can do it even if you are 10 years old!
  • You will get your Xbox 360 working today in under 2 hours!
  • You don't have to spend $140 sending your Xbox 360 in to Microsoft for repairs.
  • You don't need to know anything about Xbox 360 repair; every step is fully explained!
  • This guide is guaranteed (repeat GUARANTEED) to work, or your money back!



Dad Saves Sons Xbox 360

"My son was crying so loud when his xbox broke. I really wanted to cheer him up so I started looking for a way to fix his system and I found your guide. I was very hesitant at first, but I decided to try it, and it was way easier than I thought. I was able to fix my son's xbox in no time thanks to your guide. Thank you (my son is so happy now :))"

- James Helt - Toronto, Canada

Xbox 360 rrod halo

You could be playing Xbox 360 live in under 2 hours! What Are you waiting for?!

DVD Manual

This video will explain the step by step way to repair your Xbox 360 permanently using tools from around your house.
No technical skill is required, every step is done on a 3 red light Xbox 360.

See the broken Xbox 360 with red lights get repaired and work once again!

Follow along and your Xbox 360 will too!

Repair Manual And Repair Video

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Anthony Uccello

Anthony Ucello

Site Adminstrator

This repair is safe (unlike a lot of other guides out there right now). Unless you knock your system off your table, you won't be breaking anything. This is a straight forward repair, and you don't need any practice to follow along with the videos.

Hello and THANK YOU!!

"I am a single mom of two small boys and I bought an Xbox 360 in 2006 for my little boy as an X-mas present. Last week when I saw the three red circles I was DEVASTATED! Firstly I couldn't afford to fix it, nor could I afford to buy another one. I bought your manual as a last hope, and I stayed up late after my two little boys had fallen asleep, and VIOLA!!! It's truly fixed! It absolutely was worth it. How many 16 year old boys do you know whose friends think that his parents are Xbox geniuses! The mileage that I will get from that is priceless! I am so grateful for you help, thank you for helping us!!"

- Vanessa Brittain - Toronto, Canada

Another Xbox 360 Repair Success

"First , thank you for your quick responses to my questions... I tried your guide but I had no video...but the problem was that the small switch on the AV cable (console side) was set to HDTV instead of "regular" TV!!! As soon as I moved the switch everything worked fine. Although it took longer to do than I anticipated (the plastic case was a b*tch to open) it was worth it. Thanks again ! Another satisfied customer."

- Ted Aaron - Calgary BC, Canada

Tony Hawk Fan Get His Xbox Working Again

"Yo man this guide was siiiick! I was like "nooooo" when my XBOX died. I love Tony Hawk, so I only got this so I could play it again. I guess it worked because now I'm playing Hawk on my XBOX again. Thankz, you rox!!!"

- Todd Grayson - Sydney, Australia

One Satisfied Gamer

"Amazing! This morning I had the red ring of death and was pulling my hair out over the cost ($140) the Microsoft repair staff quoted me. I was surfing online to see if anyone else had this problem when I found your site. I wasn't even considering fixing it myself, but you said on your site that this repair was easy and simple, and it used basic tools. Since my Xbox was broken, and it was going to cost me $140 if I didn't fix it myself, I decided to try your guide! I got it working by lunch time! Ahaha this is amazing! THANK YOU! I was half way through Gears of War, now I can finish it!"

- Jeff Torrie - Berrie, Canada

This repair guide uses a safe and simple repair. I have personally bought all (yes ALL) the other repair guides online and...I feel sorry for people who buy them. They offer tricks like "wrapping your system in a towel" (which you must NOT DO FOR ANY REASON) or give you brutally unclear instructions. This guide is the only one that offers safe, simple, video instructions for the whole repair, and I actually use a red light system and show you it is working after. (no other guide does this!)
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8 Year Old Girl Fixed Her Xbox 360

"I got this guide for my daughter so she could fix her xbox. She was really nervous at first, and she was too scared to watch the videos! So, I watched it with her, and I helped her follow along and she did it! Not bad for an 8 year old ya?"

- Jane Le'rie - Paris, France

PPS If you need to contact me, you can reach me at:  I should reply within 24-48 hours. 

This guide is guaranteed to get your Xbox 360 working in less than 90 minutes or your money back! 94% of systems with red lights are easily fixed, so there is an extremely high chance that you will get your system working again with this guide, or your money back! 

How long are you going to be waiting when you could be gaming! Get your Xbox 360 fixed right now! How much time are you going lose waiting to decide what to do? You can fix your Xbox 360 right now, this is the solution! Act on it now and start gaming again in less than 90 minutes! 

Relieved Gamer Fixes Her Xbox 360

Cheryl"My boyfriend got the rrod (red ring of death) and we found out a lot of other people did too. I helped him look around and someone referred me to your site. I'm glad they did, because I got your guide, followed the instructions, and it worked! I got my boyfriends Xbox working in exactly 1 hour and 34 minutes! Not perfectly 90 minutes, but I think I took a 5 minute break, so I forgive you! Great guide, thanks for everything!"

- Cheryl Trip - New York, USA

- Happy Gaming !
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