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Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

Let's be frank, the red ring of death is a royal pain in the butt! You paid over $300 (or over $400 if you got your Xbox 360 when it first came out) and now your Xbox 360 is showing 3 flashing red lights (or 1) and has stopped booting up! Worst of all, this problem has come out of no where (you did NOTHING to cause this problem!

You are not alone in this however, as there are literally millions (yes millions) of people struggling with the same issue. The good news is you found this page and you will be able to fix your Xbox 360 problem in no time (permanently). Read on to discover the cause of the problem and how you can fix it.

If you just want to jump into repairs, visit the Xbox 360 repair guide download site or follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The Cause of the Red Ring of Death (RROD)

This is going to get a little bit technical but it will make perfect sense as you will see. DON'T GET SCARED! This is not that technical at all, these pictures are just here to make it very easy for you to understand your current situation.

This is the Xbox 360 motherboard and the chip in the circle is the GPU (graphics processing unit).


The GPU is what processes the graphics (pretty obvious right?). This picture is showing the motherboard with the heatsinks removed. The heatsinks are the cooling units that rest on the CPU (the chip on the left side of the circle) and the GPU. The heatsinks are supposed to keep these chips cool.

This is the Xbox 360 heat sink.


This is the cooling unit and it sits on top of the GPU (note the superimposed image of the GPU under the heatsink).

This heatsink is too small however, and it doesn't do a good job keeping the motherboard (and the GPU) cool. This is what causes your current red light problem.

As the motherboard heats up (since the heatsink doesn't keep it cool) it heats up the GPU solder points (the joints that hold the chip in place). As the solder points weaken the GPU comes loose and your system freezes. If you reboot you may get the E74 (or some other EXX screen) or it may just be black. You may also have only 1 red light showing. 1 red light and 3 red lights can be fixed with the same repair.



Fixing the RROD

The repair itself is very simple. All you need to do is stabilize the GPU by adjusting the heatsink. By adjusting how the heatsink sits on the motherboard, it lets more air in. This air keeps the motherboard cool enough so that the GPU stops coming loose.

Towel-TrickHow to NOT Fix the Red Ring of Death and Break Your System

Do NOT, repeat, DO NOT do the towel trick.

This may actually work for a little while, but it is damaging your system more and more each time. In fact the more you use it, the less your system will work (until it breaks completely one day).

Fixing your Xbox 360 is easy but don't blow your chance to fix it by doing something as foolish as the towel trick.

Will the Red Ring of Death Go Away If I Leave It?

The 3 red lights are caused by a hardware problem that is easily fixed. However, because it is a hardware problem it will not go away on it's own. The longer you wait to fix it the worse it will get.

The sooner you fix it the sooner you can get back to gaming (and stress free gaming at that, who doesn't hate getting dropped from an online game or freezing up in the middle of one your games?!).

Video Repair Instructions So You Can Watch How To Do Each Step

There are a number of online guides (most of which are total garbage) that can help you with this repair. However only 2 are any good. Of the 2 good repair guides, we selected the one that works the best and have a special offer for you here. If you want to see more repair guides and their reviews visit the Repair Guide Reviews page.

It's important that you fix your Xbox 360 right now. You know what the cause is, and you understand what has to be done to fix it. Why waste anymore time waiting or playing a system that freezes every time you get into a game?

This video repair guide (with an instruction manual) takes you through the whole process step by step. No thinking on your part is required, it's an easy 1-2-3 style repair. Just watch the video, follow along, and your Xbox 360 will be work TODAY in, and if you hurry, you will be online and gaming in less than 2 hours!

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