Xbox 360 Repair Guide Reviews

Separating the Worthwhile from the Worthless

Don't get stuck buying one of the bad guides!

The number of problems that plague the Xbox 360 has give rise to some truly innovative repair methods.  Whether you are experiencing the Red Ring of Death, the 1 red light error, the 2 red light error or something completely different, there is considerable information online designed to help you identify and repair the issues.

Remember, a good review will provide you with a high-quality video that provides detailed information, excellent pictures and accurate audio instructions.  The guidebook should contain full color photographs, with items of interest highlighted for visibility and ease of use.  Making the right choice will have your Xbox up and running again.  However, the wrong choice can leave you in the same position in which you currently are.

However, not all repair guides are worth your time.  Some can even be harmful to your console and dangerous to perform for you.  All repairs carry an element of risk, simply because you are dealing with sensitive electronic equipment.  However, the right repair guide will have you gaming again within less than an hour.  Here, are reviews of the best and worst Xbox 360 repair guides available.

#1 Guide -

Editors Choice! Top Pick.Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5/5

Review: The video is very solid, showing you exactly which steps need to be completed and in what order they should be completed.  Using this guide is one of the best bets to fix almost any problem with your Xbox 360, including the Red Ring of Death or the 2 red light error and 1 red light error.  The book also includes step-by-step pictures to help you with your repairs.

Rating: StarStarStarStarEmpty Star4/5

Review: Video tutorial is decent, but not as good as the previous guide is.  However, this is still one of the best tools to use when repairing your Xbox 360 and will walk you through the correct method.  There are no incorrect methods shown, nor is the repair detrimental to your console's health.  Follow along with the video or the informative pictures in the book to help get your console back to full health.

Buyer's Beware!

The guides in the section below are often extremely poor quality and may or may not actually help you fix your Xbox 360. Be very cautious of any guide that you see in this section! Guide

Rating: StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star2/5

Review: The video is of very poor quality and not all steps of the repair process are shown.  In addition, the book does not cover all necessary information, is poorly written and difficult to follow.  In summation, there are much better choices that can help you get back to gaming.

Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star1/5

Review: This guide is terrible and should not be followed at all.  In fact, even the website has errors on it.  Do not trust your repair to this guide!  The video is of poor quality, the steps are not shown correctly and the information and methods shown are incorrect.

Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star1/5

Review: This repair guide promises to have your console up and running in less than 30 minutes.  Do not believe the hype.  The repair steps shown are incorrect, the information is untrue and the pictures are hard to see.  In addition, there is no video showing the repair process, nor are the tools and repair materials correctly identified.  Again, stay away from this guide.

Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star1/5

Review: While this guide does offer a video tutorial, their claims of a 30-minute repair are untrue.  In addition, the guide is of poor quality, as are the methods used to describe the repairs.  While it is not as low-quality as some of the other options, the hype used in the guide and the claims of 30 minute repairs earn this guide very low marks.

Xbox Repair Kit

Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star1/5

Review: This guide also promises fast, permanent repairs and the inclusion of a "firmware hacking guide."  Hacking your firmware is a great way to reduce the usability of your Xbox.  In addition, the tutorial is flawed and the pictures blurry.  You won't fix your console using this guide.


Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star1/5

Review: This guide starts out looking great.  The book is in PDF format with pictures, the video series promises to walk you through the entire process and the claims seem realistic.  However, the video is not the best quality possible and the guide has several missing pieces of information.

Simple 3 Red Lights

Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star1/5

Review: Yet another guide claiming that the repair will take less than 30 minutes.  Again, this guide offers subpar pictures, poor quality video and incorrect information.  Again, this guide is not a choice for anyone hoping to get his or her Xbox repaired correctly, the first time.