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The Xbox 360 Repair Guide was created to help the millions of gamers who have been plagued by various errors and malfunctions that exist with the Xbox 360. This site has one purpose, and one purpose only: help you fix your Xbox 360 as fast as possible and make it as easy and clear as possible. We have repaired Xbox 360's and have had high success with our repair techniques and now we are passing that information on to you.

This site is maintained in Campbellville Ontario, L0P 1B0.

We are an independent company who seek to help people afflicted with Xbox 360 errors find easy and fast solutions so they can get back to gaming.

This site was founded in order to provide the best most up to date help on Xbox 360 repair and ensure a quality experience. We are always looking for ways to improve the value we provide and are more than happy to hear your feedback.

This site is in no way affiliated with Microsoft or any of their subsidiaries. We are 100% independent, and proud of it!

The site is designed to review and analyze the guides that exist all over the internet, and to help users determine which guide will satisfy their needs to the fullest. We have bought everything we reviewed and have educated opinions. We are not just talking off the top of our head. If you find a buyer-beware warning, rest assured, you can trust our opinion. Likewise, if you see a recommendation, you can be assured of it's quality.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us.