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Red Light Repair Video & Manual

This is the best guide online by a mile over other guides (except the #2 guide here, as the #2 guide is also pretty good)

Xbox360RepairGuideLength: Video ~47 Minutes, eBook 33 pages (mostly pictures)

Content: The video takes you through the whole repair starting with removing the Xbox 360 harddrive you may have installed. It shows you how to open your Xbox 360 and fix it so the GPU stops coming loose.

Price: Currently on sale, $27(Original retail marked as $47)

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5/5



Review: The video quality is good. The repairman is very clear in explaining all the steps as he goes through the repair. The camera angles are very good and lots of close up shots help make the repair process easy

The real great thing about this video is that the repairman is actually fixing a 3 red light error Xbox 360, and you get to see it working after with green lights. No other online guide does this (in fact most don't even have video, just bad pictures) so this certainly adds to the credibility of this guide.

The repair manual is the perfect compilment to the video. The repair manual has large size pictures with complimentary instructions that reinforce what the video is instructing you on.

This repair guide covers EVERY step from start to finish and does not expect you to "just wing it" for some parts as other guides do. The repairman literally starts with a broken Xbox 360, shows you each step as he repairs it, and then you can see it working at the end.

2nd Best Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Xbox 360 Red Light Fix

Length: Video length ~35 minutes, eBook 43 pages (pictures are not as clear as the above guide)

Content: This repair guide walks you through the same repair as above, however, it skips over a few "simple" steps in the effort of saving time. None the less, this guide is very clear and with the help of the eBook, you should have no trouble fixing your Xbox 360. This guide walks you through the repair starting with how to remove the side harddrive.

Visit the site to purchaseXbox360Fix

Review: The narrator is a little annoying in the repair video (his voice is irritating) but he explains what he needs done. One notable difference from the guide above is that this repair is not performed on a faulty Xbox 360. Also, for one crucial step (when explaining what happens when it shows 3 red lights then 2 red lights) they just point to the Xbox and say and what happens (not cool...).

One major issue with the guide has to do with how you get the guide downloaded. They do not let you download the guide, you may only stream it from their site. The problem is, the stream does not stay constant (i.e. you can't wait to load the whole video then play). The streaming is bad and it forces you to watch a few seconds, wait, watch a few more seconds, wait etc and this is beyond irritating. If you try to go back, you must wait through the whole play-wait-play cycle again.

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4/5

Of the two guides, the guide by is by far the best. However, if you pick the #2 guide you are still going to get your Xbox 360 repaired with relative ease (just expect a few head scratching moments as you try to fiddle with their videos and bad streaming).

There are lots of other knock off guides out there and if you really want you can read about them at the Xbox 360 Repair Guide Review page. Be warned, do not buy any other guide than the 2 listed here. All other guides feature contradictory advice (saying one thing in the video and then something different in the manual), poor pictures, and just plain bad information.